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January 19, 2021

God Space Sanctuary

– nurturing the relationship between human and Divine without dogma or discrimination.

Especially if you are “spiritual but not religious”...

(although we have no argument with those who still find religion helpful), it is the intention of God Space Sanctuary to create a spiritual center available to individuals and small groups, designed and equipped to nurture the relationship between humanity and the Divine without dogma or discrimination; in other words, to unconditionally support the spiritual health of individuals of any belief system or none, by providing physical space and tools for individually appropriate activities.  

     Sister Who a/k/a Rev. Denver NeVaar, MTS, is the primary caretaker and ministerial counselor.  Tax-deductible donations of land, money, and relevant resources are therefore invited, to carry this intention from vision to material reality. For more information, please phone (720-708-5602; no text-messaging capabilities) or email (  

     Checks should be made payable to God Space Sanctuary and can be sent to our treasurer by postal mail, using the address of 8923 West Harvard Drive, Lakewood, CO  80227-6102.  Donations can also be made online thorough, using the email address of