It began as merely an idea within the mind and heart of Sister Who, a/k/a Rev. Denver NeVaar, after more than three weeks of intense prayer in 1998 about ongoing ministerial activity.  This extended contemplation led to graduate-level education in theological studies from 2005 to 2007.  Finally in early 2010, God Space Sanctuary received official recognition from both the state of Colorado and the Internal Revenue Service.  

     The essential task was the creation of a sacred space, available to persons of any belief system or none.  The conviction remains that individuals must be supported in finding effective and constructive ways to relate to that which is greater than themselves, which manifests in a wide variety of forms and circumstances for reasons that often remain mysterious to limited human thinking and comprehension.  

     Initially located around and within a private residence in the northwestern part of the Denver-metro area of Colorado, a total of four specifically defined spaces were created to support ongoing ministerial work.  Each space evolved throughout the five-year span of time at this location, but financial misfortune ultimately led to deconsecration and deconstruction of what appears within the archival photos on this page.  

     The ministerial work these spaces were created to serve, however, is every bit as essential as ever and the Board of Directors is committed to a new incarnation at a different location, hopefully within the relatively near future.  Certain elements were thus retained, in faith that such spaces will indeed be reconstructed and reconsecrated.

     The hope is also that this spiritual center will ultimately be merely one of many, that can function in the manner of public libraries, offering resources by which individuals and communities can intelligently develop and direct the unseen elements of their lives.  In whatever ways are individually appropriate, we are honored to be part of the effort to  collaborate with the diverse individuals and seekers whose paths cross our own.  It is not ultimately a competitive work, but rather a collaborative and an augmentative one within which we become fingers of the hands that can build a more holistic and hopeful future within which humanity can inclusively thrive.

     What the future will be within the years ahead is essentially to be determined by all who are willing to participate in the writing of that history within the present.  For some it may be a page or two; for others, involvement may span multiple chapters.  The striving for excellence needed within technological, governmental, and artistic endeavors, must be equally characteristic within individual and communal human spirituality as well.  

     Please join us as we strive to make this aspiration into an inclusively shared reality, empowering every life that it touches.