Our Mission and Vision

      Before humanity even existed, there was something, quite possibly a consciousness of some sort, that was the embodiment of greatest wisdom and love. Although in most ways invisible to most human eyes, compelling perceptions and experiences have been frequent throughout human history--in every land and among every people.  Many words have been offered to name or describe this mysterious and wonderful something, which many refer to as simply “The Divine.”  

     In relating to whatever we each name as being divine, assumptions are sometimes made of gender or other human qualities.  Particular texts have occasionally been regarded by some people as being more sacred than others.  At God Space Sanctuary, we believe that it is not so important how one perceives the Divine as that one does; it is not so important how one communicates and relates to the Divine as that one does; and it is not so important how the Divine chooses to reveal Itself as that we are listening, watching, and available so that we don’t miss any opportunity for any and all empowering relationship that may follow.  

     God Space Sanctuary is available to serve the pursuit of such relationship between human and Divine, in hopes of empowering each individual’s integration of spirituality and physicality in whatever ways are possible.  The only boundaries by which we require guests to abide, are mutual respect and non-violence.  We believe the time has come for humanity to learn to be a peaceful and mutually empowering global community--essentially to truly learn what it is to be a global village--and we are happy to serve that development in any way we can.