God Space Sanctuary -- nurturing
the relationship between human and Divine without dogma
or discrimination.

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GSS is currently in a state of transition.  Please be as generous toward our building fund as you can, to empower a second manifestation of this inclusive spiritual resource.  Thank you.

A Brief Introduction


God Space Sanctuary (GSS) is a response to the fact that for many, institutions of religion no longer meet spiritual needs,  but that a hunger for the Divine–for positive relationship with whatever is greater–still remains.   What is needed is a place in which this can be addressed in whatever peaceful and mutually respectful ways are individually or communally effective.  One way or another, each and every person needs to find empowering ways of relating to that which is greater than one’s self.  In these ways, GSS is thus potentially the servant of those who now define themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” as well as of those who continue to find religious institutions helpful and empowering in various ways.  Perhaps a time of individual focus within GSS can even renew one’s potential positive contribution to any communal religious events in which one may participate.  

More concisely, GSS is a spiritual resource for creating space for God (using whatever conception of the Divine one may choose) within all that we individually and collectively are and do and GSS is also officially a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization (meaning that donations are tax-deductible).  

At GSS, individuals, friends, and strangers all have latitude to explore the mysteries of honest and positive relationship with the Divine; to embrace the questions as much, as little, or in whatever ways one finds to be most helpful.   That which is truly God is wise and loving enough to teach each individual whatever is needed, if that person is willing to listen and to respond with as much love, wisdom, and dedication as possible.  

Like a horizon receding before us, that which is truly God continues to beckon us toward new landscapes, new possibilities, and ever greater ways of being.  

Like the earth beneath our feet, we retain connection with the materialness of our daily lives.  

Like the air above and around us which also fills our lungs every moment of our lives, our spirits must move and expand in order for our consciousness to also endure.  

Like the water of oceans, streams, and even the very cells of our bodies, forms are forever shifting and changing while the animating spirit within lives on.  

Like the fires burning within the heavens, which provide essential warmth, the rhythm of seasons, and navigational references for our travels through time and space; spiritual light is also essential, rhythmic, and able to guide us through the vast unmapped space of the present and future.  

In touching the Divine--touching that which can never be completely explained or controlled--we find ourselves once again to be explorers of internal and external universes and participants in the sometimes magical and sometimes challenging unfolding of life, in more forms and ways than we perhaps ever expected to encounter.   At GSS, every effort is made to create an emotionally and psychologically safe place to sit and listen, to think, to pray, to be included, and to feel welcome.  What you (or you and the Divine) decide to do with the available time and space, is mostly up to you.  

Typical activities within GSS include guided visualizations, inclusive prayers, symbolic ritual actions, silent reflection or meditation, and singing and/or sacred dancing--as well as any other empowering activity suggested by any participant's personal creativity, which can be done with available resources.  Ministerial personnel are available, if necessary, to facilitate each activity without any pre-set agenda concerning the precise inclusions or outcomes.  The aim of all such activities is constructive interaction with that which is truly divine (in contrast to limited notions that societal institutions have described as being divine).  

Please phone or email any request you may have, for use of the spiritual resources of GSS.  Accommodations and adjustments will be made whenever they are both necessary and possible.  There is no required payment for admission or participation, but donations to help maintain the availability of spaces and resources are greatly appreciated (and completely tax-deductible, because of our 501(c)3 status).  

Please be advised that there are loving and well-trained dogs residing at God Space Sanctuary and request any corresponding accommodations, as necessary.