God Space Sanctuary -- nurturing
the relationship between human and Divine without dogma
or discrimination.

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Mission & Vision

Building Plan


Events & Activities



Board of Directors

The Overall Plan

Phase 1

    The first phase will include acquiring the land, designating parking areas, and somehow securing the borders.  The hope is for forty to a hundred acres, sufficiently close to urban areas to allow commuting, but sufficiently distant to support individual focus.  Construction of meditation gardens and contemplative paths can begin immediately thereafter, allowing for daytime events and activities of a spiritual nature.  Public restrooms may also be included.

Phase 2

    The second task will be the construction of primary structures for cooking, dining, indoor meetings, showers, bathrooms, and laundry, at which time overnight camping sites can also be considered.  

Phase 3

    The third task will be the construction of guest residences of approximately five hundred square feet each, equipped only with electricity.  Any water-related needs will remain within the primary structures.